Have you been shamed or bullied on social media?

Online Defamation, Slander and Cyber Libel

With the advent of the Internet and particularly social media the instance of online defamation has risen dramatically. News of high profile civil suits such as the Twitter defamation case by former treasurer Joe Hockey have been making regular appearances on syndicated media platforms. Slanderous posts on Facebook have also attracted civil action with one Australian couple facing bankruptcy over comments made on a Facebook page. There is a tidal rise in online defamation cases in Australia with one leading law firm quoted as saying that 47% of all new defamation cases were over comments posted online.



What Is Online Defamation?

  • The use of an online carrier service such as Facebook or Twitter to make libelous or slanderous statements about another.
  • The use of digital media to propagate false and malicious information about another.
  • Sharing defamatory posts (even if you did not author the post) about another online.
  • Posting slanderous commentary about another on an online platform.
  • Attacking another’s reputation using false and unprivileged statements online.
  • Persistent emailing of false and baseless accusations through digital media such as email.
  • Subject another to baseless ridicule online – such as saying someone has a disease when they don’t.
  • Online trade libel – making false and misleading comments about another’s business or products.




Personal Injury Lawyers are able to represent you if you have suffered from online defamation or libel.


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