To present, add or introduce additional evidence to a case or matter in personal injury law. “The legal team will adduce evidence to support his claim today in court.”

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Make an application to a higher court regarding the decision made by a lower court about a particular matter. “The barrister made an appeal on the grounds that additional evidence had been adduced to the case.”  

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A lawyer who makes representation in higher courts of law. "You will be represented by a barrister in the court hearing today."

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Compensation is generally defined as the exchange of money for loss or damage sustained by another. “He will be seeking compensation for being unable to work as normal due to the injury he sustained in the workplace.”

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Compensation awarded for an injury sustained by the plaintiff. usually awarded in the form of money.   "The damages awarded to the plaintiff were commensurate with the injuries sustained."

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Reveal all of the relevant information regarding the matter at hand. “It is best to give your lawyer complete disclosure about the particulars of your circumstances so they have all of the facts pertinent to your case.”  

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Evidence is the material presented in court to either prove or disprove facts of matter. Evidence may take the form of a witness statement, an object or a document.   "Evidence to prove a case of liability will be presented in court today."    

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The happening of an actual thing or occurrence that must be proven in a court of law through the submission of evidence.   "It is not considered a fact until it has been proven in a court of law."  

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The part of court proceedings where parties must present evidence, submissions and documentation to the court. “She was presented with a summons to appear at the court hearing.”

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The final order handed down by a judge or judges in a court of law.   "The final judgment was made in favour of the plaintiff."

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