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I am a lawyer that specialises in personal injury and compensation law. I have been practicing law for over a decade and have help many clients to gain reasonable outcomes for their claims. I am a contributor to this website on a regular basis Personal Injury Law It has been my experience that many members of the public are not even aware that they may be liable for a personal injury compensation claim or a payout from a workplace injury.

Robot Lawyers To Bridge Affordability Gap.

It has been an historic week in Australian legal history with law firm Doogue O’Brien George of Melbourne releasing the much anticipated robot lawyer website. There has been much speculation about the impact AI lawyers will have upon the legal profession. With many concerned about job security, others cast aspersions on the robots ability to do the job without error.

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How To Become A Personal Injury Lawyer?

What makes a great Personal Injury Compensation Lawyer in Australia? We look at the education and motivation of an expert personal injury compensation lawyer in Australia. Lawyers can be staunch defenders of common law rights and will stand up for everyday people who have been injured.

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