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For all civil negligence litigation, personal compensation claims, workplace injury cases and motor vehicle accident claims, personal compensation solicitors in Adelaide will ensure you have the best representation possible for your case.

We are local legal specialists with a deep understanding of South Australian specific legislation that governs civil litigation in Adelaide. Our law firm supports an experienced staff of accredited compensation partners and a specialist support team dedicated to obtaining superior results for our clients.We aim to protect the rights of our clients and the security of their future.

All South Australians deserve to live unencumbered by the negligent actions of others. Where another person or company fails in their duty of care, we are able to pursue compensation commensurate with the damage incurred. To contact one of our partners for a no cost obligation free consultation please contact us.

No Win No Fee.

We are committed to ensuring proper representation to any South Australian that has a real claim for compensation due to the negligent actions of another. We can ensure that proper legal representation is made available to you with our No Win No Fee payment structure.

Our Expert Areas of Practice:


 An expert solicitor will guide you through the process of making a personal compensation claim. Personal Injury Solicitors will ensure you receive clear and concise legal counsel for your claim. An accurate medical report will be required to submit a claim.

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If you have been injured as a result of negligent action then you may be eligible to make an injury compensation claim. personal injury claims may take some time to be processed and you should always ensure that your attorney, solicitor or barrister is fully informed about all aspects of your injury. Any supporting documentation that you can provide will be of invaluable assistance in ensuring that you receive the settlement that adequately compensates you for any injury that befalls you as a result of negligent actions.


With the advent of the Internet and in particular social media, the instance of online defamation has risen dramatically in the last few years. As a result social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit have become platforms for defamation and slander for many people.

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Online defamation has become one of the leading sources of defamation cases Australia wide. Incidents of online bullying, slander and harassment have risen dramatically in the last ten years. Many people do not seem to understand that posting a vilifying message on a social media site is akin to publishing on a syndicated media platform and is treated as such by law. The penalties for making slanderous and defamatory comments in an online forum are considerable. Should you find yourself a victim of online defamation you should speak to a defamation lawyer to ensure that the slanderous materials are permanently removed and you are justly compensated for any damage done to your reputation.


A motor vehicle injury can drastically impair your capacity to fully enjoy life.  A specialist motor vehicle accident lawyer can assist your claim for injury compensation to ensure the best recovery. We have experienced motor vehicle accident solicitors available to assist you.

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If you have been the victim of a car, bus, truck, motorbike, cycling or any other vehicular accident you may be able to make a compensation claim. Our team of expert motor vehicle accident lawyers will be able to negotiate on your behalf and ensure that your receive the proper financial support for recuperation and compensation for any injury that you may have suffered.

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South Australians deserve the best legal representation possible for any motor vehicle compensation claim, injury claim or any form of negligence compensation.
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We provide personal injury compensation lawyers Australia wide.


Personal Injury Solicitors can assist you if you have an injury compensation claim in South Australia. Our law firm partners specialise in South Australian injury compensation law and can advise you on pursuing a claim.

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As one of South Australia’s premier personal injury compensation law firms we deliver salient legal advice. Call for a free consultation with one of our specialised compensation lawyers.

Our lawyers will get the best result regardless of how difficult the claim may be.


When making a claim for personal injury compensation you should always consult with a legal professional to ensure that you are getting all that you are eligible for. Our team will advise you on your options.


The plains of Adelaide were inhabited long before English colonisation. The Kaurna people lived and travelled from Cape Jervis to Port Broughton. The area that Adelaide central city now occupies was originally named ‘Tarndanya’, meaning “Male Red Kangaroo Rock”. In 1836 fleets of ships carrying free colonists made their way to Kangaroo Island to group before finally settling on the bank of the River Torrens where the city is now located. Many of the colonists had purchased the land they would later raise wheat, wine and sheep. There were also workers who were promised fair wages and the opportunity to purchase land of their own in time. The Victorian gold rush caused labour shortages in South Australia as prospectors travelled east to make their fortune. Wheat prices rose as demand in the east vaulted with thousands of treasure hunters claimed their stake. The situation reversed as gold laden prospectors returned and invested in South Australia laying the foundation for the city we know today. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer Brisbane follow the link.