10 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured due to the negligent or reckless behaviour of another and are looking to pursue legal recourse for damages incurred, you will have to select a personal injury lawyer to represent you. To select the best personal injury lawyer for your case there will be some salient questions that you should ask to ensure that you receive the best legal counsel.

Does the lawyer specialise in Personal Injury Compensation Law?

There any many different kinds of law specialities. Personal injury law is only one kind of law a lawyer may practice. You would be well advised to ask if your prospective lawyer is a specialist in compensation law. Only a specialist compensation lawyer will be best equipped to pursue your claim. You would not employ a car mechanic to fix a jet engine, nor should you engage a family lawyer to pursue your compensation claim. The best lawyers will fully disclose their specialty when you approach them. If they are not able to assist you they may have a recommendation of a trained trial lawyer who is able to take on a compensation case.

How long have they been practicing Personal Injury law?

Experience matters. If your lawyer is fresh out of college they may not have the years of experience that is necessary to ensure your receive the full return on your claim. Experienced lawyers that have fought for the rights of their clients over many years have accumulated a wealth of experience. A seasoned barrister will be wise to the methods employed by insurance firms to reduce your claim and even discredit your case. The best trial lawyers will be able to anticipate these tactics and stymie attempts to prevent you from receiving just compensation for injuries.

Are they a trial lawyer?

The best compensation lawyers know that going to trial is essential to recouping the maximum compensation for their client. Insurance companies are renowned for mitigating losses. By having a lawyer that is prepared to go to full trial on your behalf can make all the difference in obtaining the full measure of recompense that you deserve.

What is the compensation lawyers’ trial record?

You want a lawyer that has a proven track record in court. Your lawyer should be able to produce a win/loss record and a competent trial lawyer can show you their track record of settlements and cases won. The best trial lawyer will be able to gain the maximum benefit for your compensation claim. Has the lawyer handled a case similar to yours previously and what was the result?

What is the law firms fee structure?

Many compensation lawyers will offer a no win no fee payment structure. If you do not have the funds for a full fee paying lawyer, this form of payment structure may suit you. Enquire closely as to what fees you will have to pay and how those payments will be handled at the settlement of your claim. It is also wise to enquire what additional costs you may be liable for if the claim is not successful. Be aware that there may be some costs that you will incur that are not covered in the No win no fee payment arrangement. Find out what those fees are and how much they could be.

Has the lawyer won any awards or commendations?

High level compensation claims can attract the top lawyers in the field. Peer recognition is one of the best measures of competence. Ask your potential legal counsel if they have been recognised in their field for excellence. High profile cases will gain the attention of the best lawyers in the country and you will want to choose the one who can bring the best case to trial.

Methods of Communication.

Your compensation lawyer will be with you through your entire case. That may be years of time. You want to be sure that you can easily access your lawyer and that your communications with them are responded to in reasonable time. Ask what methods of communication are used by the firm in question.

The Legal Team.

All successful law firms will have a dedicated staff that support your attorney in doing the best job they can. Ask how big the team is, how long they have been with the firm and what the team will handle in your case. You may have contact with other members of the team and you should ask who your contact person is going to be.

How long will the compensation case take to resolve?

It is important to gain an approximate time frame for your injury compensation claim. This time will depend on a variety of contingent factors, such as your willingness to take an out-of-court settlement. Whilst your lawyer will not be able to give exact estimates you will at least gain an idea of the time line for the compensation claim.

How much am I likely to receive?

Your personal injury lawyer will have a reasonable idea of how much compensation claims are likely to garner for the claimant. All figures should be regarded as approximates only.  Your lawyer will have an idea of how much similar cases have paid out in the past and what chance you will have to receive a similar or even greater payment.

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The information above is intended as a guide only and should not in any circumstances be considered as legal advice. Please contact a personal injury lawyer for relevant legal advice about your specific claim.

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